Axles-  High pinion Dana 60's front and rear; both custom. Rear Dynatrac / front rockcrusher w/ chevy king pin knuckles from Differential Engineering.

Transfer case- Atlas 4.3

Driveshafts- 1350 cv shaft rear,  1310 cv shaft front both from High Angle Driveline

Bumpers- front bumper is from Trail Ready, rear bumper/tire carrier is from custom 4x4

Skid plates/rockrails are custom made

Engine- 4.0 has been rebuilt and bored .40 over


Tires/Wheels-16.5 military hummer beadlocks w/ 3/8 plate centers drilled 5 on 5.5.  Tires 37x12.5x16.5 hummer retreads

Winch- Warn 9500 TI

Steering- Hydro-Assist w/ high steer arms / tie rod and drag link custom 1/4" wall DOM. Chevy 1 ton tie rods and Chevy blazer tie rods

Power steering/Steering box- from PSC

Anti wrap bars- custom made telescoping anti wrap bars

Braking converted to Chevy hydro-booster


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